Of Roads and the Dangers Behind

The Assassination Situation

Throughout the night in Sun Dawn, the party of hires have quite an event. A boy, frail and scared was shot in the chest but then later revived.

Aaron and Lord Bacon went out and tried searching for the boy but failed. The other three, intended to stay up in their room but were then tempted to explore. They came down through the window.

Together the party explored the nearby church but their venture was halted by a chain locked door. Suddenly, the tavern door burst open. Three young men hoisted an old man out of the tavern and then started beating the old man.

Harambe, without warning, lets out a scream and charged towards the three men. The three men were bruised and scared off. Billy is the name of the old beaten guy. Billy was treated with a jug of ale on behalf of another patron’s wage.

Lord Bacon went on a blind nights walk while the rest of the party retired for the night.

The party was awakened by the sound of trumpets and the drumming of hoofs in the distance. Crowds gathered for the ceremony.

The High Priestess and Jetson the Drakeling slayer was introduced to the party. Lord Bacon then tried to scale the wall to get outside of Sun Dawn. Jetson points towards the party and asks them to come forward.

The party was lined up to the right of the plaza while they watch the ceremony unfold. The High Priestess was about to bestow Jetson the title of Mayor when Swifty tried her best to plunge an arrow into the High Priestess’ but missed.

It was unclear what had happened but the High Priestess was shot in the head and the whole situation went amok. The party decides to split, taking the still blur Jetson and the body of the High Priestess.

At one of the alleyways, Harambe decided to find out what the black viscous liquid is. An ember was flicked from his flint and steel and landed on the spot where the High Priestess was shot.

It exploded.

Thus the High Priestess’ head is cracked beyond recognition.

Swifty found a a means of escape through the sewers. Coming out from the other side, she saw a figure at the far edge of the forest. She decides to follow it. Mean while, the rest of the party also found the now opened sewer tunnel. Harambe found that the walls are lined with the black liquid as well, he then without consulting his party members, flicked his flint and steel and the whole party was downed by the flames.

There was a huge puff of smoke that pushed itself out from the sewer tunnels. Swifty saw this and then decides to go back to the party and revive them. A necromancy spell was cast on the High Priestess to bring her back to life. Aaron ask it, “Who killed you?”

The High Priestess points towards the edge of the forest. The party start to make their way. Sounds of hoofs and chatter was heard nearby. The party decided to hide themselves.

“Find these traitors that just killed and kidnapped the High Priestess. Bring them back… dead… or alive…”

The Big Day

A sizable meadow surrounds the town of Sun Dawn with a large portion to the west taken up by fields of plantations and grains. A main graveled path leads into the town from the north flanked with beautiful flowers on the sides.

It’s the day. That day!

There is excitement in the air. Colourful ribbons and fancy decorations cover the town from the main street all the way down to a cow’s back. The people of Sun Dawn are getting ready for the big day, the coronary ceremony of Jetson, the Drakeling Slayer.

In the middle of the town sits a huge plaza where the ceremony takes place. Stalls and self made kiosk surrounds this plaza. Nearby the entrance is an old church, since the birth of this town. Down the road from the church also an old building, a tavern, Grains and Beer is the name.

As the preparation for the ceremony ends, the people of Sun Dawn retreat to their homes for a good and well deserved rest.

For Grains and Beer however, it’s when the celebration really starts. The night owls of Sun Dawn takes ceremonies like these as a huge event! What more if it’s one that is attended by a high priest. The upper floors of the taverns are rooms for visitors and travelers alike. This… is where your adventure begins.

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