High Priestess Glendiel

High Priestess of the Light

  • High Elf
  • Tall, lean, beautiful, confident, unusually long white greyish hair reaching down to her hips
  • Aura of magic surrounds her

Glendiel is the first borne of the Elven Kingdom. She is among the 3 siblings of the royal family. Youngest and also wise of mind.

Glendiel and her sisters attended the School of Magic and graduated with flying colours. Her high interest in the magic of Light attracted the attention of a Paladin, who then took her under guidance and was trained.

Glendiel became a High Priest in her prime age of hundred and twenty

Harambe used a flint and steel on the liquid found on Glendiel’s head.* It exploded and killed* Glendiel.

Glendiel is now an undead.

High Priestess Glendiel

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