Of Roads and the Dangers Behind

The Big Day

A sizable meadow surrounds the town of Sun Dawn with a large portion to the west taken up by fields of plantations and grains. A main graveled path leads into the town from the north flanked with beautiful flowers on the sides.

It’s the day. That day!

There is excitement in the air. Colourful ribbons and fancy decorations cover the town from the main street all the way down to a cow’s back. The people of Sun Dawn are getting ready for the big day, the coronary ceremony of Jetson, the Drakeling Slayer.

In the middle of the town sits a huge plaza where the ceremony takes place. Stalls and self made kiosk surrounds this plaza. Nearby the entrance is an old church, since the birth of this town. Down the road from the church also an old building, a tavern, Grains and Beer is the name.

As the preparation for the ceremony ends, the people of Sun Dawn retreat to their homes for a good and well deserved rest.

For Grains and Beer however, it’s when the celebration really starts. The night owls of Sun Dawn takes ceremonies like these as a huge event! What more if it’s one that is attended by a high priest. The upper floors of the taverns are rooms for visitors and travelers alike. This… is where your adventure begins.


ElDrith ElDrith

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